Getting Started with YIP

Fuel the Spark of Innovation for Young Inventors

Through the Young Inventors’ Program® (YIP), you will set your students on a course to shape an innovative future. Our resources help you guide students through the invention process to solve problems while applying STEM learning and gaining 21st century skills.

YIP materials are adaptable to all learning environments in school, out of school, and at home. We designed it to be easy to implement, flexible enough to meet diverse student needs, and applicable to a broad range of disciplines and most important, accessible to anyone. Educators and group leaders with and without STEM expertise can use the modules to introduce fun activities and teachable units at all K-12 grade levels.

YIP offers:

  • Project-based learning experience that builds standards-based inquiry skills
  • FREE curriculum and resources
  • Professional development and networking opportunities
  • Engaging events at local, regional and national levels

Students are at the center of the Young Inventors’ Program. We are unique among similar programs in that students pick the problem that they wish to solve. While we offer challenges and special categories, the heart of our program is imagination — the spark of creativity and innovation in every young person.

More than 5,000 K-12 inventors across Northern New England annually. Local schools, clubs, community organizations, and homeschoolers complete YIP with an Invention Fair where students present projects. YIP teachers/leaders then nominate top students for the Northern New England Invention Convention, a regional event hosted by the Academy of Applied Science, with opportunities to advance to national competitions.

Teaching Invention

YIP lessons can be taught individually or in groups where synergy and collaborative problem solving grows. Curriculum activities guide young inventors through the steps of the invention process from identifying a problem to designing a model and finally communicating the idea to others. Activities build skills in invention, entrepreneurship, and engineering while supporting the creation of your students’ own inventions.

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Curriculum Highlights

Choose between two tracks: Invention & Design or Chain Reaction Machines.

All curricula are:

  • Interdisciplinary and standards-based with dynamic activities to fit any subject area
  • Flexible: Delivered in 4-12 weeks in class, after school, at home, or independent study
  • Integrate easily into existing school curricula
  • Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the Common Core, and includes enrichment and differentiation tools.
  • Adapted for grade levels: K-3, 4-8, and 9-12
  • Able to guide students through steps of invention process
  • Incorporate Young Inventor’s Journal to document and record activities, data, and outcomes
  • Developed by educators and tested for nearly 40 years

How to Start Inventing

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