STEAMED for Summer 2020

Invent Your Story

In collaboration with library reading programs, Imagine Your Story, the Young Inventors’ Program is proud to share the following activities to help you turn your imagination to invention…and Invent Your Story using each aspect of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

All activities are designed to use everyday materials and to be completed with little adult assistance. Each activity provides an introduction to a STEAM related topic, detailed instructions, explanations of the science involved, and ideas for further exploration for K-6 readers and inventors.

With each activity, remember to use the video, activity plan, and lab notes to complete the tasks and record your observations. We encourage you to test different ways to complete each task.

Rescue Rapunzel

Have you ever wanted to lift a heavy object from the ground to a place high above you? Engineers use pulleys to raise heavy objects, taking advantage of gravity to help lift the object. Cranes, elevators and flagpoles are all examples of pulleys. In this activity, participants will design and construct their own pulley to learn how they are used to easily change direction of a force to make it easier to move a heavy object.

Use the video, activity plan, and lab notes for this activity.

Robin Hood’s Riches

Have you ever wondered why some pennies are shiny and some are dull? It’s not just a matter of how old the pennies are. Chemical reactions are responsible for the change in a penny’s appearance over time. In this activity, participants will examine chemical reactions to see how oxygen can cause pennies to turn different colors.

Use the video, activity plan, and lab notes for this activity.

Fairy Tale Flip Book

Wonder how animation is made? We explain how apparent motion of fixed images in a series becomes an optical illusion of a moving animation. Learn how to make your own story come alive in your own flip book. Use the video and activity plan to help you.

Oz’s Awesome Twister

In the story, The Wizard of Oz, the main character Dorothy and her dog, Toto, are carried away by a tornado and end up in a fantasy land called Oz. While tornadoes do not safely carry people to magical places, they can be extremely dangerous and cause terrible damage. In this activity, participants will make their own tornado and explore how vortexes form.

Use the video, activity plan, and lab notes for this activity.

Hansel’s Solar Powered Oven

You can harness the renewable energy from the sun to cook summer treats like hot dogs and s’mores. Learn how to build a solar oven from kitchen items — maybe some items from your recycling bin — that will concentrate energy to cook foods. Use the video, activity plan, and lab notes for this activity.

How did your inventions turn out?

Share your inventions with us by tagging us on Instagram or emailing us. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Keep Inventing

Check out other pages on our website for more ways to invent. We have more activities to try in our YIP@HOME and you can find more inventors’ resources for you to explore.

If you want to bring this to your school or community organization (like a club, library, community center), share our Getting Started with Young Inventors’ Program with your teacher, mentor, or club leader — it’s free! We also welcome home school families and students who want to invent on their own. Contact us to learn how.

Camp Invention Connect

The Academy is thrilled to bring Camp Invention Connect™  to our community in partnership with the National Inventors Hall of Fame®. This all-new, at-home version of the nationally acclaimed Camp Invention®  program will bring inventors in grades K-6 an exciting, week-long summer adventure exploring science, technology, engineering, and innovation.

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