Inventors’ Resources

Tools for Inventing

We are thrilled that you want to invent! The Young Inventors’ Program® is all about YOU, the inventor. We collect materials, presentations, and tips to help you succeed at bringing your ideas into working inventions — even if there are a few stumbles along the way.

Inventor’s Journal

YIP Inventor’s Journal provides space for you to journal, brainstorm, and document your invention journey. Your teacher/leader/mentor may choose to run your YIP program without journals; however all students competing in the Northern New England Invention Convention and Invention Convention U.S. Nationals are required to present an invention journal or notebook that documents their process.

Inventor’s Journal Download

You may request a printed journal on our Inventor Sign-Up page.

Resources for Inventors

The YIP staff will continually add items to this page to help you with developing your invention, presenting your project, competing, and learning what other inventors are doing.

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