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Invention close up

2021 Independent Student Invention Fair Winners

March 19, 2021

2021 Independent Student Invention Fair Winners The Young Inventors’ Program hosted our second annual Independent Students’ Invention Fair (ISIF)* on March 18th. We congratulate all of our independent student inventors for accepting our challenge to invent this year. With your innovative spirit, you dove right in to look at the world around you and then…

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STEMday Experiment

STEMdays: Fall in STEM on Wednesdays in October

October 5, 2020

We are here to fill your Wednesdays with STEM! Join us for STEMdays to fill your time between out-of-school, in-school, and hybrid learning. Fall into STEM will lead students through the wonders of nature, things oozy and spooky and the science of candy as we celebrate the month of October. Activities are designed to be completed…

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Award Winners at 2019 Northern New England Invention Convention

2019 Northern New England Invention Convention Awards

April 12, 2019

87 Winners Announced at 2019 NNE Invention Convention The Academy of Applied Science’s Young Inventors’ Program® announces the winners of the 2019 Northern New England Regional Invention Convention. Held on Sunday, March 31st, 253 students from New Hampshire and Massachusetts representing 48 schools and STEM enrichment programs presented their original inventions. This was the 33rd…

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