2021 Northern New England Invention Convention

Congratulations Young Inventors!

Our Northern New England Invention Convention (NNE-IC) 2021 celebrates the thousands of students who take our challenge to invent. This year has been full of innovation and they jumped right in to tackle a wide variety of problems. From inventions that addressed our pandemic with ways to improve masks and remote school and work, to novel approaches to support animals or our environment, to ideas that are just plain fun, these students pushed themselves, their critical thinking, and designs to develop new solutions.

We extend our thanks those who made the NNE Invention Convention possible.

  • First, to our volunteer judges who spent days watching and re-watching students’ videos and materials.
  • Second, thank you to the parents and families for supporting our young inventors and our participating schools and organizations.
  • Third, a big thank you to our teachers/mentors, administrators, and PTAs, who believe in the power of invention education. There is so much that goes on beyond the scenes to make a program like this possible from the start of the school year through this celebration and into a future of innovative thinking.
  • Finally, we thank YIP’s new partner, The University of New Hampshire and the Leitzel Center (Joan and James Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education at UNH). We are excited to be a part of the UNH family and know that there are great opportunities for YIP ahead. And a special thank you to sponsors, Takeda, Topcoder, and Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial for their support this past year.

Now On With the Show

The 2021 Northern New England Invention Convention featured nearly 100 students. It is a competition as well as a celebration of ingenuity, imagination, and STEM creativity. This year, we were honored to have our returning emcee, Hayley LaPoint, Meteorologist from WMUR, present our awards and share her experience learning science and math to become a STEM professional. NNE-IC also features a keynote address by Emmy Kelly, Mechatronics Engineer from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). She encourages students to keep inventing and to push through challenges to create things that no one has ever thought of, let alone build.

“Sometimes the wildest sounding ideas end up being the ones that get built and flown. I encourage you to start thinking about these kinds of problems now because we need people like you, not just at JPL and NASA but in fields all across the world. People who understand the difficulties of inventing something new and rise to the challenge with eagerness and excitement.”

~ Emmy Kelly, Mechatronics Engineer, NASA’s JPL

We invite you to watch the full Invention Convention video linked below. We also have special highlight clips.

NNE-IC 2021 Inventors’ Highlight Reel

The young inventors who presented their projects to the Northern New England Invention Convention.

NNE-IC 2021 Keynote Address by Emmy Kelly

NNE-IC 2021 Awards Celebration

You can see the full list of winners in our announcement post.

Final Thank You

One last thank you to everyone who made this event possible. We look forward to seeing our inventors, teachers, mentors, and volunteers next year. Until then, explore our resources to help students invent all year.